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Financial Literacy - Financial Concepts - Online


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This course covers basic financial decision-making tools emphasizing fundamental financial concepts and literacy. Topics include financial statement analysis, time value of money, capital budgeting, risk and return, the cost of capital, basic valuation, and the basic operation of financial markets.  Available to non-business majors only.  This second course in the Financial Literacy Program is designed to provide knowledge in Corporate Financial Management Topics.

*This class is asynchronous online, registered participants will receive 16 weeks to watch, review, and complete the online coursework. A certificate will be available upon completion and successful submission of course work.

The Financial Literacy Certificate program is open to current Idaho State students in any major as well as the public. The full program consists of three courses. Course 1: Personal Finance is OPEN. Course 2: Financial Concepts will open TBD. Course 3: Financial Applications, will open TBD. Students who complete all three courses will earn an additional certificate in Financial Literacy.