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Financial Literacy Certificate - Online Program

Managing personal finances is not always something that is heavily covered either in high school or in the university setting. Even as a graduate student, you may undergo analyses of complex financial concepts dealing with corporations and business, but you may never discuss the importance of your own 401K and other retirement options. You may never discuss insurance, tax preparation and buying a home. Often times, these are all things that individuals learn as they go.  


Financial literacy is an invaluable skill for any individual to have. Whether it's managing your own finances, owning or managing a business, or building your professional expertise and credentials- having the understanding of basic and more complex financial concepts will make a big impact on your life, future and your career. The Financial Literacy Program at the College of Business offers Idaho State students and community members the opportunity to build this understanding through our three course, Financial Literacy Certificate and our monthly Bengal Financial Literacy Radio Show. 


Anyone can enroll in the program, whether you are a student at Idaho State or not. Listen to Dean, Dr. Shane Hunt discuss the goals and background of the program on our radio show, click here to listen.

The Financial Literacy Certificate program is open to current Idaho State students in any major as well as the public. The full program consists of three courses. Course 1: Personal Finance is OPEN. Course 2: Financial Concepts will open TBD. Course 3: Financial Applications, will open TBD. Students who complete all three courses will earn an additional certificate in Financial Literacy.