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Mobile Crane Operator Certification Training


Craig needs to know if anyone is registered for the Crane classes 10 days before the class as he needs to register the class participants.

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Are you an experienced crane operator who needs to be certified? This course meets the OSHA Required Type and Capacity regulations. This is an excellent prep course for those who wish to take the Crane Institute Certification exams for operator certification. The course is for experienced operators who have not yet achieved a certification under OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1427.

Topics Covered:
·OSHA & ASME crane standards
·Causes & results of crane accidents
·Types of mobile cranes, components & terminology
·Interpreting load charts correctly
·Pre-operational inspection
·Crane setup and recognizing site hazards
·Safe operating practices & procedures
·Operator responsibilities
·Pick & carry operations
·Safety procedures for boom and jib assembly & disassembly
·Safety procedures for working cranes near power lines
·Hand & voice signals
·Hoisting personnel
·Basic rigging procedures

The course consists of a 4-day classroom preparation for the OSHA required written 2-hour accreditation exam and the practical (hands-on) exam. Testing fees not included.