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Certified Food Safety Manager


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The Associated Asset Protection Team is conducting Certified Food Safety Manager courses (CFSM) in association with ISU. This course covers food safety issues, regulation, and the techniques necessary to maintain a food-safe environment.  Handling food correctly is not only the law, but it improves safety and lowers costs. Learn to implement essential food safety practices and create a culture of food safety. Food safety not only affects the sales and continued patronage of your establishment, but also public safety. Establishments found to violate food safety protocols are fined or closed—food safety is that important. The role of a food manager is crucial. Now is the time to certify your department managers and food handlers.

Registration deadline is February 29,2024.

The 2013 Food Code requires upon request the person in charge (PIC) shall demonstrate to the regulatory authority knowledge of foodborne disease prevention, application of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles, and the requirements of the Food Code.
The PIC shall demonstrate this knowledge by:
  • Having no violations of priority items during the current inspection
  • Being a certified food protection manager (CFSM) or
  • Responding correctly to the inspector's questions to specific Food operation. The areas include:
    • The prevention of foodborne disease
    • Preventing the transmission of foodborne disease
    • The symptoms associated with the diseases that are transmissible through Food
    • The significance of Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food and preventing illness
    • Identifying major food allergens and the symptoms
    • Providing protection from backflow and precluding the creation of cross connections
    • Poisonous or toxic materials in the food establishment
    • Identifying Critical Control Points in the operation from purchasing through sale or service
    • How the PIC and employees comply with the HACCP Plan
    • Responsibilities, rights, and authorities of the employee, PIC, regulatory authority and
    • The reporting responsibilities and exclusion or restriction of food employees

This is a nationally recognized course and will meet the Person in Charge and CFSM requirements for all States. Be a food safety leader and invite other food handlers from establishments in your community to follow your lead and become a CFSM.  

Who Needs this Class

  • Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores that prepare food
  • Hotels
  • Hospital Cafeteria/Café
  • Schools
  • Baristas

The 2017 Food Code REQUIRES the Person in Charge to be a CFSM.

About the Course

  • $130.00 per person


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