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Basic All Hazards Response


This course is offered Annually. Please check back for additional dates.

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This interactive class will equip the participant with a basic understanding of the all hazards, active threat environment, including fire, tornado, unintentional chemical release and civil unrest.  Topics will also involve active threat (shooter)/active assailant and domestic terrorism. The course will breakdown, Local Area Trends, Group Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (CBRN, IED’s, Kidnapping, etc.), Pre-Attack Indicators and Concepts of Response and Mitigation. 

There will be several break-out sessions where students will work in teams to address simulated incidents.  The focus will be placed on open team dialogue and effective communication, safe response and information sharing.  The overall objective is a safe and successful responder operation.  Upon successful completion of Basic All Hazards Response, the student will qualify to attend the Advanced All Hazards Response, which qualifies them to receive an Incident Command 300 Certificate.

Pre-requisites: Introduction to Incident Command (ICS/IS-100)

Location: DRC Armory Room 301, 1257 South 2nd Ave., Pocatello
For accommodation questions or needs please contact ISU Disability Services at (208)282-3599, or email