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Advanced Radiation Contamination Course (ARC)

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In-depth lecture of radiological contamination and decontamination procedures will be followed by a realistic demonstration and performance utilizing live radiological contamination. Students will practice finding contamination and decontaminating a variety of objects including a human analog. Other topics will cover best practices in handling radioactive contamination, setting up and establishing a decontamination line, performing live decontamination on varying objects, and how to control a decontamination line.

Pre-requisites: Basic Radiological Response Training, understanding of hazardous materials contamination and decontamination.

Audience: Fire/Hazmat, Military and Law Enforcement CBRNe

Location: DRC Armory Room 301, 1257 South 2nd Ave., Pocatello
For accommodation questions or needs please contact ISU Disability Services at (208)282-3599, or email

1 day/8 Hours