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Expanded Functions – Dental Assisting

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PERSONALIZED TO YOUR NEEDS! We recognize that Dental Assistants employed at different offices require training in different expanded functions. Students can choose from a selection of Dental Assisting Expanded Functions courses based on individual need. Clinic evaluations will be conducted at ISU Pocatello Family Dentistry or at student’s place of work. Note: Dental office final exam time is in addition to in-class time.

Prerequisite: Students must have completed a Dental Assisting Fundamentals course successfully and have worked in a dental office for six months and 600 hours to be eligible for expanded functions courses. A letter from the employing dentist (on letter head) must be submitted prior to the course, verifying the person is employed by the dental office and confirming length of employment.

Accreditation:  Idaho Board of Dentistry, Idaho Division of Professional Technical Education

Program Highlights:

  • Increased employability with additional skill sets.
  • Meets individual needs. Students can sign up for individual courses or all courses.
  • Convenience: Evening hours for classes held on campus.
  • Dental offices can call to arrange onsite courses with a minimum number of students in the following counties: Bannock, Bingham, Caribou, Franklin, Oneida and Power.


Per Idaho Board of Dentistry requirements, students are required to provide proof they have taken a DA Fundamentals course and proof of six months employment in a dental office.  Proof must be provided at the time of registration. 

If planning on attending the Use of a High Speed Handpiece to Remove Orthodontic Cement or Resin, you MUST work for an orthodontic office. 

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