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FRIENDS FOR LEARNING- Terms of Membership


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Friends for Learning (FFL) is an educational venture enjoyed by people age 50 and over. This venture is for those who wish to stimulate their thinking and expand their knowledge in the Idaho Falls area.


The purpose of Friends for Learning is to provide, at a minimal cost, activities, special events, and opportunities for study for retired and semi-retired people who want to continue their intellectual growth and enjoy being part of a like-minded community.

Membership shall be open to any person 50 years or older who is willing to abide by the provisions of the FFL, Inc. Bylaws and who has paid their dues for the current semester. All Board Members are exempt from payment of dues as a requirement of membership. Payment of dues also constitutes a signature of the FFL, Inc. Indemnity form each semester to waive all liability on the part of Friends for Learning, Inc. and/or its officers.



  • FFL is an educational organization enjoyed by Idahoans 50 years of age and older who wish to stimulate their thinking and expand their knowledge
  • Experienced group leaders
  • Lectures given by: ISU faculty, FFL members, and community experts
  • Field trips and excursions to fascinating locations
  • No previous college experience is needed
  • College credit, tests, and grades are NOT given for classes
  • Courses and Activities: FFL courses and activities include but are NOT limited to: academic; technical; professional; social activities; travel; recreational; arts; self-improvement; physical activities (hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, birding, wild flower and tree walks, etc)


Agreement and Release of Liability


In consideration of Idaho State University and the State of Idaho, allowing me to register for participation in Friends For Learning (FFL) classes and activities, do freely and voluntarily agree to release, save, hold harmless, and indemnify said University, FFL and State of Idaho from any and all claims of loss, injury or damage, suit, action, demand, fine, judgment or decree and any expense thereof, including a reasonable attorney’s fee that may happen or occur to me as a result of or consequence of having attended and/or participated in any FFL class or activity. This release includes all representatives of said organizations including staff, volunteers, affiliates, directors, sponsors or other employees.

FFL does not carry an accident or health insurance policy on participants. A participant is responsible for costs incurred as a result of accident or injury. I also understand and acknowledge that should I choose to drive my personal vehicle during the course of any FFL activity, that no automobile liability insurance will be provided by the University, FFL or the State of Idaho, and that I am solely responsible for maintaining such insurance in at least state-required amounts. Further, if I choose to ride as a passenger in another member's private vehicle, I understand and acknowledge that the University, FFL and the State of Idaho provide no automobile liability insurance for such activity.


Fees and Parking


Course-specific fees may be assessed as needed by the instructor. All new members are mailed a parking pass when registered (passes are sent by mail) that is good through the ISU school year (Sept. 1 - Aug. 31), this pass included in the membership fee. Replacement parking passes may be purchased for $5.00 from the ISU CE office at 282-3372. Parking in the University Place Parking Lot requires a parking pass displayed in your vehicle. Your parking pass is not valid on campus for any other purpose.


Friends For Learning - Private Foundation Tax Documents


2019 FFL 990-PF (PDF)