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Teens and Tech - Five Things Every Parent Should Know

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Our hyper-connected world is fraught with real dangers to students and their families: mobile phone addiction, loss of meaningful relationships, bullying, and exposure to undesirable content. This 1.5-hour experience – led by a team of local cybersecurity, student empowerment, and psychology experts – will provide a toolset for ensuring that technology improves rather than impedes your child’s development. We are excited to offer this to the regional community. Hope you can join us!

Intended audience: Parents of teen and pre-teens. Principals, teachers, counsellors and support staff should look for a similar, but adapted offering just before the school year starts.

Please also notice the summer learning options we offer for teens. From fun to academics, we help you cut down on screen time!


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209