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Time Management:First Things First


This class is offered in the fall and spring. Please continue to check back for future available dates.

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Usually in life we face a number of choices when it has to do with the time available to us. Time can be wasted by having no direction or goals. The biggest problem facing most people is how to use their time efficiently and effectively. Too often people use a lot of their time in tasks that have little or minimal application to the overall success of the organization. use of time. People get caught up in the treadmill of tasks when they are working and at the end of the day, they ended up neglecting the most important parts of their job.

The class of instruction, time management-First Things First is about helping the individual focus on getting the most important parts of their jobs completed as soon, and as effectively as possible. The problem that prevents us from getting the most important tasks done each day is urgency. Too often we let urgent, but not necessarily the most important tasks, take up our time.

This class helps the learner to use company mission statements (to provide the overall purpose reason the job is being done) and priority tasking to accomplish the most important parts of the job each day.  In most organizations people are not a priority, even though helping people do their jobs more effectively provides the organization better-performing employees. When organizations treat people like things, their effectiveness and efficiency go down.

Strategies for doing the first things first on the job will be taught to those who attend the class. A number of tools are available to ensure the people within the organization and the leaders who supervise them work together to get more of the important things done instead of letting the urgent, more low-priority tasks dictate what is accomplished