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Phlebotomy Technician - Web Supplemented

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Stick with a career you love! The ISU phlebotomy program prepares you to take a national certification exam upon course completion. Topics range from blood draws and laboratory procedures to employability skills and safety.

Sixty hours of this 160-hour course are online with user friendly videos, assignments, handouts and quizzes. During the same time frame, students will meet 4- 6 hours per week for the skills portion of the course, followed by 40 hours of clinical experience, drawing blood in a real clinical agency!

Students need to plan for the following additional costs: uniform, immunizations and a Healthcare Provider CPR certification course (CPR available through Workforce Training or area hospitals). Clinical hours are likely to break out of normal course hours due to agency operating hours, but a clinical schedule will be provided in advance. Total clinical hours are dependent on students completing at least 100 blood draws—fewer will require additional clinical time.

Note: Background Check: Required by clinical agencies. The cost of the background check is included in the course fees. Passing or failing the background check is dependent on the type of crime(s) and/or when the offense occurred. Information of this nature is included on the Idaho Criminal History Unit website at If a crime is on the list as a disqualifying offense, the student cannot enter clinicals; therefore cannot pass the course and is ineligible for refund or transfer of fees

HEALTH INSURANCE: In accordance with the affiliation agreement between ISU and clinical agencies, all students are required to show proof of health insurance before entering the clinical setting.

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