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Nuclear Criticality Safety - Hands-On Workshop


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This course provides participants with important background information and the key element of nuclear criticality safety. Furthermore, the course includes participation in a hands-on approach-to-critical experiment using the Idaho State University Subcritical Assembly. The workshop is divided into four hours of lecture and four hours of experimentation.

Date: Various
Time: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Location: Idaho State University
Lillibridge Engineering Building (Map)
Parking: G01 (Map off E Humbolt St)
Instructor: Chad L. Pope, PhD, PE
Cost: $600.00
Register Online or Call (208) 282-3372 to register by phone.

Workshop Outline

1. Introduction
2. Chart of the Nuclides
    -Elements, isotopes, radioisotopes
    -Radioactive decay and half-life
3. Fission
    -Cross sections
    -Chain reaction
4. Criticality
    -Multiplication factor
    -Subcritical, critical, supercritical, delayed critical, prompt critical
5. Hands-on Approach-to-Critical Experiment
6. Closeout

Experiment Photos

Criticality Safety Experiment Photo 1

Criticality Safety Experiment Photo 2

Criticality Safety Experiment Photo 3

Criticality Safety Experiment Photo 4

Criticality Safety Experiment Photo 5