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Medication Adherence (HSM)

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This course will focus on Improving Medication Adherence. As a Community Health Worker, it is important to understand some of the risk factors your patients may have and address the barriers that your patients face in taking their medication as directed. According to Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (2017) “poor patient understanding of medication instructions and adherence is an important contributor to the more than 1 million medication errors and adverse drug events that lead to office and emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and even death” Community Health Workers may be able to help improve client’s understanding and decrease barriers to medication adherence as part of health care teams using evidence-based system of care. Students will apply knowledge to improve team-based care related screening for medication adherence risk factors and evidence-based interventions to reduce problems associated with poor medication adherence. Implementation of patient-center systems of care to increase medication adherence. Implementation of patient-centeredsystems of care to increase medication adherence will lead to improved clinical outcomes for patients and at-risk populations.

Reminder:  This course closes two weeks after it is first accessed by the student.  Certificate of completion can be printed after successful completion of the course.