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Fermented Foods

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Imagine creating food that works while you sleep.  That is exactly what good bacteria does during the process of fermentation.  During these hands-on classes, we'll talk about the benefits, safety, and the storage of fermented foods.

Section 1: Sauerkraut and Fermented Pickles -  A regular pickle is made with vinegar and then pasteurized, which means no bacteria and no particular health benefit. A fermented pickle, on the other hand, is full of probiotics; specifically, lacto-fermented bacteria. Fermentation preserves beneficial vitamins, microelements, and good bacteria. Learn the easy, centuries-old method to make fermented pickles - and sauerkraut, too! Bring your own jars!

Section 2: Sauerkraut and Kombucha - Come and learn how to prepare real sauerkraut and fizzy kombucha. Each student will go home with a 12 oz. jar of sauerkraut, a SCOBY, and a bottle kombucha, so they can ferment safely in your kitchen until they are ready.