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CNA Manual Skills Prep

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Do you need additional guidance with the manual skills portion of the nursing assistant’s role?  This course includes web videos of each testable skill, a copy of all documents needed to prepare for the CNA manual skills exam, and four hours of one-on-one, face-to-face training with an Idaho-approved nursing assistant instructor.

Registration Process: Once registered and paid, please contact our office to schedule a time with the instructor. Either call at (208) 282-3372 or email at

Intended audience: previously certified nursing assistants who allowed their CNA to lapse and need to retest; people working in settings that don’t require certification, but who perform the work of a nursing assistant; family caring for ill or disabled loved ones; students who don’t feel they mastered the skills within their course; and CNAs wishing to learn the new CNA scope of practice or wanting a review after being away from the field for a time.

Course fee for ISU-CNA students is $150

Course for for Non-ISU student is $250