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Chinese Cuisine

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Chinese Cuisine is famous in the world.  The following sections will introduce a variety of dishes that may enhance your understanding of Chinese food.  If you are interested in tasting authentic Chinese food and/or learning how to cook these dishes, these classes are for you!!

Section 1 – Dumplings

Many people like dumplings but few know how to make dumpling wrappers and filling.  However, it is easier than you think.  After you learn how to make wrappers, ad prepare dumpling filling, next time you can work with your family and friends to make dumplings.  It can be fun, especially with kids.

Section 2 – Snow Lady

This no-bake dessert is filled with whipping cream and fresh strawberry, very beautiful and delicious!  A classic Snow Lady is white and you will also learn to make colorful Snow Ladies.  When you realize how easy and fun they are to make, you’ll consider it a must have for your next gathering.

SECTION 3 – Ground pork dishes

In this section, you will learn two Sichuan-style dishes that contain ground pork: Mapo Tofu and Ants Climb Trees (the title describes the cooked ground pork looks like ants; no ants will be cooked in this dish!) Both dishes demonstrate Sichuan style, i.e. hot and spicy.

SECTION 4 – Shrimp dishes

In this section, you will learn two shrimp-related dishes in slippery egg and in tomato sauce. Shrimps are so versatile that they taste good with eggs and tomatoes. If you are a shrimp lover, they are your must-try.

SECTION 5 – Rib dishes

In this section, you will learn two popular dishes that cook ribs in different sauces: black bean and sweet-sour sauce. These two kinds of sauces are easy to prepare and make ribs savory.

SECTION 6 – Pumpkin buns

Autumn is for pumpkins. This pumpkin bun is the ultimate autumn snack, a pumpkin-look bun with smooth pumpkin filling inside, good for breakfast and afternoon tea time. If you are a fan of pumpkin, this pumpkin bun is a must-try.