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CNA - Web Hybrid

Description Registration

Prepare yourself for employment opportunities in extended care facilities, hospitals, home-care and hospice situations as a nursing assistant.

CNA training in Idaho must deliver 88 hours of classroom and learning laboratory training and 32 hours of clinical training. This course delivers the didactic component via the Internet, reducing face-to-face meeting time by almost half. Students should have moderate to advanced computer skills and possess some ability to self-direct.

This course meets the following requirements for Idaho registration of nursing assistants: (1) 88 hours of classroom instruction (including discussion, videos, hands-on lab experiences), (2) 32 hours of actual clinical experience in community health care facilities, (3) guidance preparing for manual skills testing and written exam as required by the State of Idaho for placement on the state nurse aide registry.

Additional costs include: Textbooks, Healthcare Provider CPR training, certification testing fees, clinical attire, clinical tools and immunizations. Clinical hours may be outside normal class hours, but student will be provided clinical dates at least two weeks in advance. Each class is limited to 20 seats.


Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Idaho Board of Nursing, Idaho Division of Career Technical Education

Program Highlights:

  • Prepared for immediate employment as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) upon program completion and state testing.
  • Convenience: Courses offered monthly. Both day and evening classes available in Pocatello.
  • Web supplemented CNA course available with half the face-to-face time.
  • High demand field with high job placement rates.
  • All instructors: 1) have over ten years experience as a Registered Nurse; 2) exceed the requirements of the Idaho Board of Nursing and Idaho Division of Career Technical Education for teaching the course; and 3) have taken the state-approved course on teaching adult students.

Computer requirements:

A computer and hard drive with adequate memory, high-speed Internet access, Adobe Flash Player, basic Microsoft package (Word), Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Photo of a Nursing Assistant


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921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209