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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

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Prepare yourself for employment opportunities as a nursing assistant in extended care facilities, hospitals, home health and hospice situations. This course meets the requirements for Idaho certification of nursing assistants. Clinical hours may be outside normal class hours, but students will be provided clinical dates at least one month in advance. This is a time intensive course. Please consider other commitments and use discretion before registering for the course.

Note: BACKGROUND CHECK/Drug Screening

ISU does not generally perform background checks or drug screening in the CNA program, except in our State Hospital South Course, where both are required. If you have a criminal history that will prevent you from passing a background check you may want to reconsider taking this course as you will not be able to work as a CNA.  Please refer to the Idaho Criminal History Unit website at See ‘denials.’ Once course has begun, you will be ineligible for reimbursement or transfer of course fees. If we are informed of a past crime or positive drug screen during the course, we must inform the clinical agency and allow them to decide if the student can rotate. If denied clinical, the student will be unable to finish the course.

This course meets the following requirements for Idaho registration of nursing assistants:

1) 88 hours of classroom instruction (including discussion, videos, hands-on lab experiences)

2) 32 hours clinical experience in health care facilities

3) Guidance preparing for manual skills testing and written exam as required by the State of Idaho for placement on state registry.

Additional costs include:  Textbooks, BLS Healthcare Provider CPR training, clinical attire, clinical tools and immunizations.  Clinical hours may be outside normal class hours, but student will be provided clinical dates at least one month in advance. In alignment with state requirements, students are required to attend 100% of the course to complete the program successfully.

Please see registration handout for more information.


Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Idaho Board of Nursing, Idaho Division of Career Technical Education

Computer requirements:

A computer and hard drive with adequate memory, high-speed Internet access, Adobe Flash Player, basic Microsoft package (Word), Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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