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Emergency Medical Technician - EMT

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Enhance career opportunities in emergency medical care or augment training in nursing and allied health careers.  This course meets the Idaho and national requirements to apply for certification as an EMT.  The curriculum is designed to familiarize you with basic emergency medical equipment and treating the sick and injured. Upon course completion, students must pass both a state skills exam and a national written exam for certification.

Please recognize this is a time intensive course with 176 hours in class over a 16 week period of time. Study time outside of classroom hours will be critical to success!

As a part of this course, all students will complete a background check during the first weeks of class. Students should contact the department prior to signing up if concerned about their criminal background history. Background check fees are included in course fees. Passing or failing the background check is dependent on type of crime and/or when it occurred – Information of this nature is included on the Idaho Criminal History Unit website at:

Additional costs will include: textbook, testing fees, immunizations, and Healthcare Provider CPR.  NOTE: AHA Healthcare Provider CPR training (must be American Heart Association) certification is required within the first two weeks of class and is NOT included in the EMT course costs.

For the first day of class, participants will need to bring the following:

  1. One form of government issued photo I.D
  2. Copy of documentation for TB skin test (within 1 year of end of class) or if positive, documentation of negative chest x-ray (within 1 year of end of class)
  3. Copy of documentation of vaccination:

         -Immunity to Rubella by 2 MMR’s, history of the disease or positive titer
         -Immunity to Rubeola by 2 MMR’s, history of disease, birth prior to 1957 or positive titer
         -Hepatitis vaccine in progress, completed series, or signed declination form
         -Immunity to Varicella (Chicken Pox) by history of disease, positive titer
          or 2 doses of varicella vaccine


Idaho Emergency Medical Services Bureau, Idaho Division of Professional Technical Education

Program Highlights:

  • Prepare for immediate employment as an EMT upon program completion.
  • Convenience: Evening and weekend course hours.
  • Low student/instructor ratio in hands-on training

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