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Who Are Members? 


  • Members are intellectually curious, active, and adventuresome
  • Members come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences
  • Members include homemakers, professionals, high school and college graduates, professors, native Idahoans and those new to the state
  • Members have opportunities to interact with a diverse and stimulating group
  • Members have opportunities to stay active and expand their horizons
  • Members are retired or still active in the work force




  • NKA is an educational organization enjoyed by Idahoans 50 years of age and older who wish to stimulate their thinking and expand their knowledge Experienced group leaders Lectures given by: ISU faculty, NKA members, and community experts Field trips and excursions to fascinating locations No previous college experience is needed College credit, tests, and grades are NOT given for classes Courses and Activities: NKA courses and activities include but are NOT limited to: academic; technical; professional; social activities; travel; recreational; arts; self-improvement; physical activities (hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, birding, wild flower and tree walks, etc)


Why You Should Become a Member!


  • Membership is $50 a semester. Dates for classes follow the ISU calendar: September to December for the fall semester and January to May for the spring semester. Locations are listed in the catalog.
  • For classes on the Pocatello ISU campus, general parking permits may be purchased from the Continuing Education Office for $5.50. ISU parking lots tend to be crowded, therefore many people park at the Holt Arena near the bus stops. Pocatello Regional Transit offers a free shuttle bus down to the campus with the Pond Student Union being the last stop. Socials: An open house is held in AUGUST and is a time for hearing general announcements, greeting members, new friends and recognizing our instructors. A holiday dinner is held in DECEMBER. An annual business meeting luncheon is held in MAY that includes recaps of the year with bragging stories and displays from many of the class projects.




In consideration for the opportunity to participate in this program, I willingly accept responsibility for all potential risks associated with my participation. I understand and acknowledge there are inherent and unanticipated risks that may include but are not limited to: risks of slip, trip, and fall incidents which could lead to sprains, strains, abrasions, contusions, dislocations, broken bones, head injuries; risks associated with transportation along with risk of weather conditions, and negligence of other drivers; risk of allergic reactions to environment, substances; risk of negligence from myself or others; and other foreseeable and unforeseeable risks that may occur that New Knowledge Adventures (NKA) cannot specifically anticipate and list here. I choose to participate despite the risks. I release, indemnify, and hold harmless NKA and Idaho State University (ISU) from any and all liability for injuries, damages, or causes of action of any nature that may arise out of my participation in this program. I also agree that this release shall be binding not only on myself but also on my heirs, personal representatives, and assigns.


I agree, to be fully responsible for my conduct and to act at all times in a manner which does not jeopardize the safety of myself or others. I have reviewed the program description and verify I have no physical or mental condition which would endanger myself or others by my participation in this activity. I understand that NKA reserves the right to exclude my participation in this program if my participation or behavior is deemed detrimental to the safety or welfare of others. I agree to follow all program rules, instructions, safety protocols, and proper use of any equipment. I acknowledge that Idaho State University is not actively involved in the planning or execution of these activities.


I acknowledge NKA does not provide health and accident insurance for participants and I agree to be financially responsible for my own medical expenses. I further agree that in the event emergency medical treatment becomes necessary and I am unable to communicate, NKA staff or emergency medical personnel may authorize or conduct treatment or care on my behalf as appears reasonable under the circumstances.


I also grant NKA & ISU the right to take and use photographs or video footage of me during this program for its educational or promotional purposes, including on university websites or on social media.


I do assume responsibility for my participation In class and will call 208-282-3372 If I cannot attend.