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Our Mission


Building a community of support for STEM education among educators, students, parents, and industry.


Contribution Tiers


  • Tier-1 Sponsor: $25,000
    • Ignite Their Future Featured Sponsor
  • Tier-2 Sponsors: $10,000 - $24,999
    • Event Sponsor
  • Tier-3 Sponsors: $2,500 - $9,999
    • Camp Strand Sponsor
  • Tier-4 Sponsors: <$2,499


Recognition of Sponsors and Donors


Individuals, organizations, and industry supporting the Initiative will receive the following:

  • Name/logo printed on camp literature recognized by sponsorship level
  • Recognition throughout the camp, and on Family Day at the Awards Ceremony with students and educators
  • A reserved booth and presentation time at the career exploration workshop during the camp
  • Thanked on University website and social media pages for support


Ways to Contribute


Thank you for your support. There are different options for how to donate to the initiative. Each option has their own unique benefits and general instructions below. Please reference all donations to ISU CoT - Ignite Their Future.



Key Aspects


  • STEM Enrichment Activities
    • Enrichment activities will be formally coordinated with secondary educators and their students throughout the school year. Technical instructors will engage with students in-person and remotely. Technical instructors will deliver content related to their area of expertise and the curriculum students are learning in school.
  • In-Person STEM Summer Camp
    • The summer camp provides K-12 teachers the opportunity to learn new STEM technology and then apply their new knowledge and skills as they support the STEM Summer Camp. This fosters collaborative relationships between K-12 educators and technical instructors. The students benefit from a fun hands-on experience that is facilitated by technical instructors and taught by K-12 teachers. Parents and industry partners come in at the end of the camp to interface with students and see the projects that were completed.
  • Online STEM Summer Courses
    • These courses provide an opportunity for rural and remote students to have a fun and engaging hands-on STEM experience. STEM kits are mailed to students a week prior to each course. There are synchronous and asynchronous courses available to students.


Strategic Goals


  • Provide ignition experiences for K-12 students
  • Provide effective K-12 educator professional development
  • Create a successful program that effectively promotes continued education
  • Support the growth and reputation of ISU programs as leaders in Engineering and Technology
  • Collaborate with other STEM-related activities
  • Increase demographic diversity in STEM-related career fields
  • Increase STEM opportunity in rural communities
  • Community and family engagement
  • Collaborate with industry to create a sustainable program


Donation Needs


  • Sponsorships to pay for student or teacher registration fees
  • Purchase of supplies and equipment
  • Pay stipends to K-12 Educators and Technical Instructors for their time delivering content to students.
  • Offset overall costs to keep participation costs low for K-12 educators and students