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Ignite Their Future 2023 - Camp Details


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Intro to Commercial Drones (9th-12th grades)

Students will gain insight into the rapidly expanding world of commercial UAS in areas to include aerial photography, surveying, utilities, agriculture, and defense. Other topics to be covered will be basic operation, licensing requirements, and responsible use. The cost of this course includes a DEERC D20 Mini Drone with 720P HD FPV Camera that the student will keep.

Build Rockets! (6th-8th grades)

Build Rockets!- Build and keep stomp rockets, water rockets, chemical Estes rockets, and a water rocket launcher. Learn the physics of how to make great rockets and basic principles of engineering and design.

Exploring Health Occupations (6th-8th grades)

Are you interested in learning more about health-related careers? In this camp, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of occupations in health through fun and engaging hands-on learning.

Build and Program LEGO EV3 Robots with LiveWire Robotics Team (6th-8th grades)

Join the award winning 4H LiveWire Robotics team for some summer fun! Campers will learn how to design, build, and program LEGO EV3 robots with the help of LiveWire team members. At the end of the week, campers will get to use the robots they built to compete against each other in a challenge created by the LiveWire team. During the camp, students will also develop and improve their coopertition, and collaboration skills.

Radiation Detectives (6th-8th grades)

In this hands-on camp, students will explore the types of tools used to detect radiation, how it is contains it so people can work safely in radioactive environments, its uses in medical and food service industries, and what objects around us contribute to background environments.

Breadboard Power Supply (9th-12th grades)

Are you a techie? Do you love electronics? Join us in our Robotics Laboratory where you will have access to the same test equipment that college students work with including function generators, oscilloscopes, and power supplies! Power supplies are fundamental in all electronics projects. In this camp, you will learn about electricity, electronic components, and prototyping. You will also get to build your very own breadboard power supply to keep!

Build a Go-Kart (9th-12th grades)

Are you an automotive enthusiast? Do you love speed or car shows? In this camp, you will have the opportunity to learn about automotive technology by working together in teams of twos to build a Go-Kart and put it to the test!

Intro to Computerized Machining (9th-12th grades)

Have you ever found yourself having satisfaction watching videos of layers of sand being cut away, or a sculptor removing material layer by layer to expose some sort of form that you would never would have thought was inside that ugly block of material? Then come and join us this summer in the Computerized Machining program where we take block of material and cut layer by layer to expose parts that are used in day to day lives. In this summer camp the instructors in the Machining program will provide you with an introduction to machining by teaching you how to draw a part in the Cad/Cam software on the computer, and then turning that part into something real by taking it to the shop and cutting it with a CNC Machine.

Intro to Python Programming (9th-12th grades)

What is a hobby that can lead to a career that is well-paid, in high-demand, family-friendly, and reports high levels of fun and job satisfaction? Sound too good to be true? Computer programming checks all the boxes! In this summer camp strand, Dr. Paul Bodily, professor of Computer Science at Idaho State University, will let you see this all for yourself as he teaches you the basic skills of computer programming needed to build your own Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game, all in the easiest, most popular, most in-demand programming language—Python!

Build a Dinosaur Skeleton (6th-8th grades)

Join IMNH scientists and staff and learn what goes in to mounting a dinosaur skeleton! Students will get to learn about 3D design and printing, visit museum collections, and will mount a 3D printed model of Oryctodromeus, Idaho's state dinosaur, that they can take home!

Drones (6th-8th grades)

In this camp you will learn what a drone is and how it flies. How to safely and legally operate a drone. What drones can be used for, both recreationally and commercially. The cost of this course includes a DEERC D20 Mini Drone with 720P HD FPV Camera that the student will keep