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Kevin DeWall


Kevin DeWall is an Advisory Engineer at the Idaho National Laboratory specializing in mechanical equipment qualification, operability, and survivability research.  He has over 28 years of experience in motor-operated valve (MOV) design basis and separate effects testing and analysis. This includes gate valve design basis operability, valve stem/stem nut load sensitive behavior, AC and DC motor testing, and gearbox efficiency research.  He has performed testing and error analysis of commercial diagnostic test equipment and is a co-developer of the INLs motor-operated valve load simulator.


Kevin has over 20 years of experience supporting international codes and standards development.  He is a member of the ASME Standards Committee for the Code on Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants (OM Code) and Qualification of Active Mechanical Equipment Used in Nuclear Power Plants (QME-1).  Kevin currently serves as the Chairman of the ASME OM Subgroup on Motor Operated Valves.


Kevin has an MS degree in Nuclear Science & Engineering from Idaho State University and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Idaho.  He has published over 30 referred papers, 14 NRC NUREG/CR reports, and 3 international journal articles. 


Last Updated: 11/13/12