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Occupational and in-class training that leads to the opportunity to become a journeyman in the high-paying trades of Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing.


Develop your business acumen and marketability by learning to enhance your leadership skills, become a better team member and up your effectiveness and professionalism.

Computer Classes

Experience hands-on learning using the latest software in a wide array of programs—everything from courses for the absolute beginner to bookkeeping, database, graphics and web design.

Conf. & Workshops

Special events and learning opportunities online and in person. CE/WT offers outstanding conference services and customized training for businesses and professions.

Culinary Arts

Expand your cooking horizons and abilities by working under a talented instructor on new, elegant and fun dishes.

Digital Arts / Web

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Enhance your creativity while learning to edit photos, upgrade your digital presence or promote sales and services with these useful, in-demand skills.


Job security is always a concern. Learn transportable skills in the high demand, well-paying field of health services.

Industrial Main...

Required knowledge for industrial tradespeople, including controls, PLC basics and fluid dynamics.

Lifelong Learning

You are never too old to learn, and we have a plethora of enjoyable, valuable classes that will enrich your life.


Develop or improve your creative skills or your professional persona—or even learn to dance, cook or do yoga!


Build your skills in these high-demand, good paying trades.

Web Courses

Fit classes into your schedule—not the other way around. Web courses and webinars cover a variety of topics and are available whenever you are.


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