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Megan Green


Throughout the years Megan has found that it is much easier to remember things if someone tells you why they are done a certain way instead of just telling you to do something. She believes this is the reason she likes to teach, she gets to explain the why and see the “ah hah” moment when her students truly understand the new concept they are learning.


Megan’s true passion in life is helping others in any way she can and when not in the class room teaching CNA’s she can be found working as a nurse at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility. Occasionally she will have time off and in the summer months and you will catch her on the beach at Bear Lake or in the hills camping with her family, she enjoys sitting home baking on a snowy winter days, and just spending time with her friends and family kicking back and relaxing.


What you don’t know about Megan-- she is a country girl at heart, she has lived her whole life in Bear Lake and has no intentions of ever moving.


One of Megan’s favorite quotes is “in life what you really want; will never come easy”


Updated 01/27/2014


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209